Your Home’s Hidden Hazards

No one said home ownership was always going to be glamorous!  These ten hidden hazards seen on Yahoo’s Shine outline some common hazards found in many homes.  While dealing with most of these potential hazards seems to be a dirty job, don’t despair. Regular home maintenance is the key to keeping pests and other hazards at bay.

1. Clogged dryer exhaust ducts. Dryer lint will catch fire very easily, which is why regular vacuuming of the dryer’s exhaust system is a must. What many people aren’t aware of is that dryer lint can also accumulate and possibly ignite in the exhaust ducting under the floors or behind the walls. To remove lint buildup in these ducts, a DIY dryer duct cleaning kit can help clean those hard-to-reach areas.

2. Dirty chimneys. It wasn’t until our chimney flue exploded in flames that we learned how important it was to have chimneys cleaned out at least once a year. Burning wood in the fireplace releases a black, tarry substance called “creosote” which sticks to the chimney walls. If the creosote is allowed to build up, a floating ember is all it takes to set off a fire.

3. Mice droppings. If your new home is an older home or one that has been vacant for awhile, be extra careful when sweeping out piles of mice poop. Deer mice droppings can transmit the deadly disease known as Hantavirus which is breathed in along with all that stirred up dust. To avoid exposure to Hantavirus, wear latex gloves and a HEPA face mask, and wet down the floor before cleaning.

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