Carpeted Stairs Alternatives

For homeowners, one of the biggest benefits to owning a home is being able to customize its interior to match their personal tastes. One area that usually could use a new look is the staircase.  In the case of stairs, such homeowners might be interested to learn that there are simple but nonetheless appealing alternatives to the classic carpeted steps.

Here are some of the possibilities that can be used in lieu of carpeted stairs:

  • Tiles on the riser rather than the tread of the stairs can serve as an excellent alternative to either carpet or bare wood. In more spectacular cases, tiles on the risers can even be used to depict either amusing or beautiful scenes that appeal to the homeowners’ tastes. Examples range from birds and beasts to repeating geometric patterns.
stairs with tiles

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  • Wood is also a good choice to use in place of carpeting, not to mention that it is also less expensive. However, homeowners interested in a little splash of color can still paint wooden steps to match either their tastes or their surroundings. For example, wooden stairs painted a simple white is an excellent fit for a coastal home.
wood staircase

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