Top LEED Platinum Homes of 2010

Each year green building reaches new heights and 2010 did not disappoint. There were many residential homes that received LEED certification of some level which is quite impressive. What is even more impressive are those homes that received the highest of they system’s ranking, LEED Platinum. The given green homes are not only energy efficient and sustainable, but well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The top LEED Platinum homes prove that green building and sustainable design can be just visually pleasing as homes constructed through traditional methods. The top LEED Platinum homes of 2010 include:

  1. First LEED Platinum home in Washington outside of Seattle with a vegetated roof
  2. Four-level contemporary residence with multiple green features
  3. Sungazing house with net-zero energy
  4. Multifamily town homes with smart systems that monitor electricity, water, and gas
  5. Orange County Home that exceeds California Energy Code by 40%

What do you think about the designs of the LEED Platinum homes? Leave a comment and let us know!

Top LEED Platinum homes and images found on Jetson Green.

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